Plex related support

Plex Request (Current)

So the Plex Request website has changed recently and it is a much cleaner design. However, I feel like it is a bit slow, so knowing me it'll change. At some point. Maybe.

Subtitles for Plex

You ever watched a video and for some reason you just can't seem to hear exactly what was said? Maybe there is a language that you do not speak and you want to

Plex Request Instructions <-- OLD

Signing In Navigation Searching and Requesting Movies Movies TV Shows Missing?! With Plex Request, you’ll be able to request new Movies and TV Shows that you want to see. The backend project

Plex Quality Support

Have you ever been watching a movie and the quality sucks? Your new big screen TV makes it look stretched and thin? Well there is a simple fix for this! This guide is

Plex Outages

What happened to Plex??? Well here we will keep a running report of what happened and why services are down and estimated time till returned.