Plex Outages

Plex Outages

What happened to Plex??? Well here we will keep a running report of what happened and why services are down and estimated time till returned.

EDT = Estimated Down Time

Click the Link to see a live status of Plex's uptime only. Looking for more status? go

*** Reoccurring Down Times***

Saturday mornings at 3am for backups: EDT = ~3 hours

Monday morning at 3am for updates: EDT = ~5 minutes

1/17/2021-2/3/2021 - International Move. Original ETD was 1 Week, however due to the change to fiber internet and local ISP's direction, an additional week was required to make the organizational changes.

5/25/2020 - Server buildout complete. 2 hour downtime

5/24/2020 - New server buildout. 5 hour downtime

5/17/2020 - Rewiring of new server rack. 2:15 hour downtime

5/15/2020 - Move from Old server rack to new server rack. 5:45 hour downtime.

2/6/2020 - ISP had service outage in area. Corrected 1 hour after event.

1/11/2020 - Small gear to big gear. Upgrade and reorganization of server rack.