Movie and TV Review Rules

Movie and TV Review Rules

Here is my take on anything Media related and reviews. It doesn’t matter if the acting is good or the story is bad, I might still like it, but I will call out those things.

Mainly, my rule is that if the movie/tv show can take me into its reality, then it did what it is supposed to achieve. I don’t think most people always expect their movies to be award winning master pieces, but it might be the best they are able to do.

I’ll give you for instance. The Prequel and Sequel Star Wars movies. I thoroughly enjoy them. The acting in the prequels is pretty iffy at times, but I grew up with them and enjoy them. I don’t find Jar Jar to be the worst character in all the movies I’ve seen, but he isn’t the best. As a kid he was annoying at worst. The Sequels have some story issues, but part of that is because you have different directors and one who openly admitted to wanting to kill the franchise. That portion aside, some of the character choices and development need work, BUT I still enjoyed them. I don’t care about the politics of “Bad female Character” or “They should have been gay” or any of the other things. The movie did what it is supposed to, it took me to the Star War Universe and provided me with a good story that I could believe. I’ll provide more in my review of them, but they did what I enjoyed. Provided me an escape from the world in its world.

So, what that in mind, I also have 2 other things that I think about. Would my Mom and Dad watch it. My Mom isn’t a big fan of movies that are gory, lots of language, sex, or anything else fun, but she does enjoy movies. My dad doesn’t mind pretty much any other than lots of language. Add all those things together, there are 3 items that will be at the bottom that equal the following.

Family Friendly = Mom

Action Packed = Dad

Approved = Fits with Great Enthusiasm

Rejected = Would not watch/watch again/missing greatly