Marvel's DareDevil (Netflix) Review - Season 1 and 2

Marvel's DareDevil (Netflix) Review - Season 1 and 2

So I have just finished Season 2 and and just going to lump season 1 and 2 in this review.

I have enjoyed this show. It's gritty and entertaining, but at times super slow. Season 1 was great with a solid single story line. A blind dudes back story about how he became a boss. Simple and clean. A setup for the main villain that most people know from previous movies or the comics.

I should note that I have not read any of the comics and do not plan to. I get the stories are great, but that medium is just not for me.

Season 2 on the other hand was harder to reach. The episodes with the punisher in full swing were spectacular (see the episode of him fighting in jail... craziness). However, the second side story with Elektra, took so much time and effort away from it. An episode here and there would have been fine, but them filling every episode just made it frustrating. Extremely tedious at times. Spoiler complaint below the rating

The show is good overall. Mom would be ok with it, just a little to fantasy-esq for her. Dad would enjoy it. I thought it was decent, the second season really killing what I thought was a great first season.



The fact that in the second season the broken back psychiatrist was able to woop up the DHS agent's ass is crazy. She should never have been able to do what she did if she was always limping and in pain. Come on.